Branding and Identity Design

Victoria's Secret Disrupted

01/2017 - 05/2017

As part of a semester long capstone project during my time at NC State's College of Design, I elected to do a deep dive into understanding how branding and identity design should operate in theory and then put those skills into practice. I elected to rebrand Victoria's Secret ten times in an attempt to eliminate any bias I have by relating to a user of a product that I do not use. I aligned each brand identity around a particular strategy and personality that Victoria's Secret could use if the so wished.


The Theory

For the first part of the this project, I put my research into a usable branding model based off of various diagrams and research from other sources. I use these models to set questions for my clients to answer about their branding needs as it makes them think through a fully developed, personality-based brand.

The Practice

Each of these brands have the full process that
I developed for myself used to aid in my investigation
of rebranding Victoria's Secret:

The Partnering Brand


The Advocate Brand

The Crowd-Sourced Brand


The Luxurious Brand


The Green Brand


The Inclusive Brand


The Data-driven Brand


The Durable Brand

The Mystery Brand


The Knowledge-Sharing Brand


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