Exhibit Branding, Book Design



01/2017 - 05/2017

The Computer Science Division at State organized an in-class Graphic Design competition for people in my year to help them brand a logomark to celebrate their 50th year since their inception. From among my classmates, my design was chosen to go forward with and help establish this subrand for them to use for various collateral.

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Mythic Creatures 

"Mythic Creatures" is a traveling cryptozoological exhibit that explores the historical and speculations behind the worlds most mysterious creatures. The branding needed to be able to be enticing from any distance and have a unique flair to get users to go out. The target audience was aimed at young adults who are looking to go out and do something "instagram worthy."

The way I did this was to make many parts of the collateral have dual messaging utilizing glow in the dark printing. This promotes the idea that you should look at things differently and question exactly what you believe with Mythic Creatures.

Human Understanding Publication

I created and submitted the publication as part of the International Society of Typographic Designers Student Review competition. The prompt gave me my text by a random library number, and that gave me "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding" by John Locke. 
Being a turbulent time in politics in America, I felt a kinship with Locke's plea to just make people aware of the need for a human to human respect.

I laid out various news events with dates as you progressed through the text later obscuring this message to show that some have forgotten that everyone should be treated fairly and equally. The material and binding were meant to feel like something someone intending to spread the news would handout.

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