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Project Hermes


Project Hermes is a non-profit application made to help save the ocean in partnership with Pierre Cousteau from Cousteau Diving. Project Hermes links up to a device that we have designed that you can place and measure the rising temperatures of the ocean. This is specifically meant to see how these temperatures are affecting coral life as dramatic shifts in climate will cause them to break and die.
With Project Hermes these data points and collected and are an open source resource for others to see and share in the hopes that investigations will inspire action. 



My part of Project Hermes was to develop a brand that was both reminiscent of Cousteau diving movies with Jacques, but also current and modern. One of the first things that I did was lead the team through a series of questions that I would use to build an identity profile that included our main mission, target audiences, potential points of interaction, competitve differentiation, etc. 

Using this profile to better understand our audience's wants and desire, Project Hermes mainly targeted divers with a flair for fun and a love for the ocean as well as citizen scientists who would use this data for their own understanding and develop new solutions as well. 

PH_Logo Full copy.png

I decided that the logo needed to be simple but have personality.
Our focus is not ourselves, but what we are doing.

PH_Logo Full.png
PH_Logo (H).png
PH_Logo (H) Simple.png

The typography for the mark is a serif that has a distinct personality of slight imperfection with intention. This is a modern style of serif used so that we stand out as a practical and smart but approachable and useable brand.

Hermes components-17.png

The colors are meant to be a direct callback to the blues of the Jacques Cousteau era of movies. Using bright but similar colors allows us to have callouts without them being too aggressive when layered on top of each other.

Hermes components-18.png

Art Direction

Using a duotone style for photos, the imagery needs to highlight specific specimens. This paired with the line used in the logo has the opportunity for a graphic element tie in that has longevity with more exposure.

Other types of photos of divers having fun and being generally adventurous really captures the spirit and passion that the people behind Project Hermes certainly have especially for the ocean's health.

PH_line copy 3.png
PH_line copy 2.png
PH_line copy.png

Graphical Element

ph imagery-17.png

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