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05/2017 – 08/2018

Pendo is software start-up that focuses its branding behind passion and energy, but as time evolves, the focus also shifted for sophistication. I was hired first as a plucky intern then an associate graphic designer to tackle all the events (internal and external), website designs, printed materials, and so much more.

Since I had the opportunity to work on so many great campaigns for Pendo, I've broken it up into four of my personal favorite projects:

Pendo Signage


Pendomonium 2018-19


Pendomonium is Pendo's locally hosted big event that is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Since this event is the one to make the most noise, we strived to make it stand out amongst other tech and leadership conferences. 
The prompt this year was "Product Love."

We took this from a heartily dedicated fan, so much so they would get a tattoo emblazoned on their body. I took this spin and made a campaign with several custom, diverse illustrations of regular people, technology, and local callouts with a style of an old school American tattoo.

The illustrations and tattoo-like typeface along with Pendo brand colors were used in signage (big and even bigger), printed handouts, schedules, t-shirts, tote bags, stickers, even a homemade beer in partnership with Trophy Brewing company. 

The style was well-received, and was one of the most attended and highly rated Pendomoniums to date. It definetely set a high bar for the next year.

Pendomonium 2019

Recently, I had the opportunity to throw some ideas for branding Pendomonium 2019. I love this since it gives me enough time to dive deep into the concept for the conference that translates to the visual style.

For Pendomonium 2019, I explored two main campaigns. The first is the idea that Users appreciate when companies "Bring the Hustle". The second is revolved around "Elevating the User," elevating to a place of royalty.

Bring the Hustle:


Main Wordmark




Graphical Elements

t-shirt mockup.png

- Elevate the User

Elevate_logo alternates.png


Elevate - art direction 1.png
Elevate - art direction 4.png
Elevate - art direction 2.png
Elevate - art direction 3.png

Pendo Illustration Style


Since starting on Pendo's brand team, one of the biggest needs that I saw was a defined Pendo Illustration Style. From starting that endeavor, I audited our competitors and others to see what illustration styles were popular. From there, we were able to set up five core principles to be both on trend but also have our own style and voice.

  1. Sophisticated Whimsy

  2. Human-Centered

  3. Soft

  4. Dynamic

  5. Modular

From my research, successful illustrations have a human element involved. This also gave us the opportunity to provide diverse and inclusive characters to reflect our values.

This is a call to concept: to be clever and fun yet refined. We want to let personality show through while also appear to an enterprise-level customer without seeming juvenile.

Focusing on ease-of-use for other designers and for the sake of time, I made the illustrations broken into component parts and any characters with several views to use wherever.

With the introduction of an expanded color palette, we wanted to make sure that the new softer colors were treated as such. This means overlays and organic shapes are key.

With the intention to focus on the human element with a soft touch, the humans represented need to evoke movement. Passion is what drives Pendo and so it should be evident.

Core Principles

From these principles, I developed a style of illustrating people performing actions and broke them down into easily usable component parts. Making some key characters for us to use going forward, this modular system allows not only me but also other designers to use this style that I have set up for future success and ease-of-use.


Key Characters

Component Sample

Illustration Style_parts for
Illustration Style_people library.png

Fully Composed Examples

ProductCraft Branding


To establish Pendo as a leader in knowledge of product management, the task was given to me to brand and design a blog. This blog would be knowledgable and allowing community debates while having a slick, modern look without being too avant garde. 

After some thought and research, I designed a mark
that was started from one single block. The idea is that knowledge is building; most of the audience are professionals with their own skill set well-established. ProductCraft offers the opportunity to hear from equal intellectuals and build on your own understanding.


logos_All Black.png
logos_All Grey.png
logos_All black oneline.png
logos_All White.png
logos_White and Colors.png
logos_All White Oneline.png

Color Story



Text Styles

Debate Club Illustration

The "Debate Club" is a weekly question that we release on the website with a multiple choice opinion question that anyone can answer. We then reach out to experts to submit a response that we publish. We need to have illustrations to use to match the questions and promote those amongst our social, advertising, and on the blog.

The illustration style was meant to be modern and sharp. This is to differentiate itself from the Pendo brand as it is a tertiary marketing strategy. The illustrations using strong divided stages to show a clear distinction of the two options if applicable. 

Website Mock-ups

The website itself went through several different iterations to get it to the point it is at today. I'm showing you some of the best of the designs. 

MOCK 1.png
MOCK 2 (no bg).png

Various Nice Things


There were plenty of projects that had less scope than websites and events that I just generally enjoyed. These may range from internal culture brand ideas, handouts, pins, but all things I liked to make. 

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