Branding and Identity Design

Computer Science Anniversary Branding


The Computer Science Division at State organized an in-class Graphic Design competition for people in my year to help them brand a logomark to celebrate their 50th year since their inception. From among my classmates, my design was chosen to go forward with and help establish this subrand for them to use for various collateral.



Research and Process

The CS department talked with us about what they were looking for in this logo. They wanted to reference the starting points of computer science past while also showing a futuristic approach. Being a sub-brand, the font and colors had to be under the umbrella of the North Carolina State Univerisity branding guidelines.  

Doing some research into what computer science or even computers stemmed from, I found myself really drawn to the shapes of the Alan Turing machine. Alan Turing being the founder of the modern computer is therefore an idol in the field of computer science, so I felt confident when I started to abstract from the modules on his machine.


Of course, I went through several different ideas before I got to the right one. I like to think that graphic design is also problem solving; there is a solution that exists, and I just exist to help get to that solution.


Logo and Collateral

The logo and wordmark are abstracted of the circular, mechanical nature of the Turing machine mixed with floating elements to give that sense of futurism that the Computer Science Division wanted.

I also went a step farther to show examples of types of collateral and how this logo could be utilized best. Its scalability was needed as it is complex, but needs to get simpler as it gets smaller.

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