About Me

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I am a plucky and passionate graphic designer who has had the opportunity to work with great companies and agencies including Pendo, Centerline Digital, and Brasco ///. I'm a designer who loves getting heavily invested into every brand that I help make; feeling as a part of the question helps me to best find the answer. I seek out opportunities to learn something new that I can use the first chance I get. I'm also someone who loves pushing boundaries and taking chances if it makes a good design a great one.

Personally, I am learning Kung fu from a local school making it the second of the martial arts that I have studied behind Tae Kwon Do. I love that Raleigh is getting some great places to eat and am particularly thrilled for more Indian spots to open up. I like trying new experiences and traveling, even when it doesn't work out exactly as planned (ask me about my Peru trip sometime).

Lastly, I love what I do, and I promise you the best work. Anytime and Everytime. Let's get together and talk about how I can help you.