Jonathan DeBruhl

Energetic Graphic Design with Purpose


Identity Design, Exhibit Design

05/2017 – 08/2018

Project Hermes

Brand and Identity Design


Victoria Disrupted

Branding and Identity Design

01/2017 - 05/2017


App Design, Identity Design

Computer Science

Branding and Collateral Design

Typography Selections

Exhibit Branding, Book Design

05/2017 – 08/2018


01/2017 - 05/2017


Great ideas need great designs.

“Good design is honest (Dieter Rams)," so a good designer is not afraid to be transparent.
I'm a good designer who loves designing good work. The satisfaction from designing an imaginative, thoughtfully-crafted visual system is better than my first cup of coffee.
Take a look at some of my favorite work thus far and don't hesitate to reach out.

Let's Talk

Possible Topics Include:

  • Design needs

  • Career opportunity

  • How I Met Your Mother trivia

  • Local coffee stops

  • Halloween costume ideas

  • Anything really (I like to talk)





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